Aging in a Young World

Today I was reading about a young couple that had lost two babies before finally being blessed with two beautiful boys.  They write a blog about the experience at age 26 that tells of their trials and now how it is to raise their two young sons.  I think it is fabulous that they now have a family they can enjoy and was totally intrigued that they could support their family in a very nice manner by writing a blog.

It started me thinking.  By the age of (in my case – 67) 65, if you have had an interesting life at all, you have had lots of ups and downs, happinesses and sadness, challenges with defeats and hopefully more challenges with successes.   There is a growing population of maturing adults as medicine improves and we get to enjoy aging in a much healthier manner.

Why not write a blog about aging in our society? There are so many stories out there that are captivating about interesting successes of the maturing adult.  Many entrepreneurial magazines tell of the successful careers of self-starters that did not begin at a young age.  There are so many benefits of being a little older, I thought maybe it might be a fascinating venue to explore.

I will call it “STEEL” as so many of us mature folks have a little steel in our hair coloring, steel in our backbone and a few have a little steel in one or more of our limbs.  Steel will talk about daily adventures, senior discounts, commentary of being older in a young world, fun ideas for retiring, life stories we have lived through and hopefully make a difference to those of us that are “seniors” or will be soon.

Aging in a Young World

Artwork in its new home

Flower BuddiesScreen Shot 2016-01-11 at 6.05.18 PM

For the last about 15 years I have been enjoying the creative pastime of painting and drawing.  Over the years I have sold many pieces and with the exception of a  doctor’s office, where I helped install the work I seldom get to see it in it’s new environment.

The second photo is of a piece I sold at Interiors of Edmonds and the new owner was kind enough to share a photo of it hanging in her lovely home.  All artists should be so lucky to see where their work finds a home.

Thank you for sharing.

Artwork in its new home

Ya ma da poonoo = It’s bad for business


Jabba the Hutt had a lot to say in Star Wars and beyond.  The name is often used as a satirical literary device and a political caricature to underscore negative qualities.  Jabba is depicted as a large, slug-like alien, that is a cross between a toad and the Cheshire Cat exemplifying lust, greed and gluttony.  Known throughout the Star Wars universe as the “vile gangster”, amusing himself by torturing and humiliating his subjects and enemies.

The physical appearance of Jabba reinforces the personality of a criminal deviant winning the award for “The Most Disgusting Alien”.  The body is a Miasmic mass with the lardaceous body periodically releasing a greasy discharge, sending fresh waves of rotten stench into the air.  Jabba’s appetitive is insatiable and often authors portray him/her treating to eat subordinates.

Jabba the Hutt is an icon in American popular culture becoming synonymous in American Mass Media with repulsive obesity.  The name is utilized as a literary device – either as a simile or metaphor – to illustrate character flaws.

In other words, Jabba the Hutt has come to represent greed and anarchy, especially in the business world. Jabba ranked #4 on the Forbes Fictional 15 list of the wealthiest fictional characters in 2008.  Not sure where it is ranked now?  Probably grew in wealth as growing in girth.

Let’s see if by some his/her ( gender is never implicated ) quotes if you can figure it out what Jabba represents in current culture?

“You weak minded fool.”

“He is my kind of scum, fearless and inventive.”

“They will suffer for this outrage.”

“Have you now, ha ha.”

“Your mind powers will NOT work on me.”

“Let them marvel at our splendor.”

“There will be no bargain, I will enjoy watching you….(die or whatever bad)”

And my favorite:

“You will soon learn to appreciate me. ”

Jabba went on to point out: “Here, like everywhere else, laughing and singing, dancing and dreaming are not exactly the whole of reality; and for one ray of sun, shining on the hut, the rest of the village remains in the dark.”

Why write about Jabba the Hutt?

How many of you have dealt with someone with even one of these qualities in business? When reading about Jabba, is there a character that comes to mind in your life?  Someone that befriends you, only to use you to their advantage and if you do not do exactly as they want you to do it, even if they are wrong or slightly corrupt, you are chastised and attempted to be made to feel like the low life they actually are.

As I grow older in our culture, it has become highly apparent to me, that people will lie under oath, tell you what they think you want to hear and basically do anything to get ahead and win whatever is important to them.  You are of use, but not of importance to people like this.

In my way of thinking that is not a good way to go through life.  If you see that happening in your life, get out of the way and let Jabba roll right on by you.


Ya ma da poonoo = It’s bad for business

How does your day begin?

IMG_0028IMG_0025 (1)IMG_0019

Everyday in my home I wake up to a variation of this view.  It took a long time in life to get to the place where I wake up and can’t wait to see the view of the morning.  I kept buying and selling and then building and selling to make a profit on each so I could move to somewhere with a better view. I am in the smallest home, other than my first in Del Mar, California and I love the view the best!

Many do not understand this obsession, but living in the Pacific Northwest we have this incredible opportunity to live our lives with amazing views or using a word I heard for the first time “Fablioso” views. If you don’t live where you love the view you wake up to, then perhaps it is time to think about moving?

That is where I came in to help you find just the right view.  As an artist and a professional (ASID & IIDA) interior designer (Yes I passed the two day test) and having worked to earn a PhD in Business Marketing, I can do a great job for you!

Think of me when you think of Real Estate. Join me on one of my Facebook pages:




How does your day begin?

One more T-Shirt Dress

Paisly T-shirtThe bright flowers captured my attention and rather than just put one, I left them connected and added a two and brought them down to the waist.  These projects are fast and fun and since my granddaughter now has more than she needs, maybe I should start selling them?  Etsy, Farmers Market or Ebay?  What do you think, or maybe a local store?

One more T-Shirt Dress

Take a moment to reflect on this beautiful area we live in!!

IMG_5587 IMG_5591 IMG_5592 IMG_5594 IMG_5598 IMG_5602Take a moment to reflect on this beautiful area we live in!!

Once in a while nature surprises with an amazing moment. Looking out the window at the strong light, this Rainbow captured the horizon and make the world a beautiful place. This is when I feel very blessed to live where we can just look out the window and enjoy this.


Put a little love in your life on Valentines Day!

Put a little love in your life on Valentines Day!

My began with an email from my sweet husband (welcome to the tech world), followed by Yoga (I took Chocolate for my class), and then a nice run/walk on the beach with Rusty, my Bernese Mountain Dog. He thought that was pretty nice!

Off to my studio to do a little TRX and then paint. Dinner with husband tonight, so all in all a pretty nice Valentines Day.

Hope yours is even better!! Rusty at the Be


Shining Through

Shining Through

Imagine the sun slipping through the gray clouds with a little glimmer of gold on the roof tops.

It is fun to try different things.

When I was in the same painting class/group for twelve years, the lead painter/instructor was always telling me what I could do and what I should not do. Now that I no longer go to that painting session, I feel the freedom of feeling good about trying a lot of different things without someone trying to put a stop to my experimentation.

I realized when I left the class and walked by this persons new studio/gallery that all the paintings looked alike and that mine were mini replicas of the artists work.

At that moment in time, walking with my youngest son, who pointed out the same thing I realized I could make my own educated choices about what worked and what did not work (for me)

For an artist it is important to sell your work so you can sort of make a living, but it is also even more important to feel good about what you are doing.

In my other painting experience I was doing a lot of traveling and bringing in enlarged photos, which I shared with everyone in the group. Later I thought about it and it devalued what I was doing, for there would be four or five paintings of the same scenario, that photo I shared with the group.

Sometimes it takes doing and looking back later to realize you learned all you could from that situation and it is time to look forward.

If you look closely at this painting, there is gold leaf attached to the oil paint, and if you look even closer you will see more drawing on the clouds. I love sketching and this painting combines those two loves.

Hope you like it.


Slug Wars

Slug Wars

50 pages of funny cartoons for your PNW friends that love to garden, but don’t love slugs…….

You can order from me directly. It iself-published, so might have one or two typing errors as I wrote the comments with one hand. Broke a finger on the left hand doing “Bootcamp”…