Stolen Christmas

I used to love Christmas.  I don’t anymore and this year it was stolen from me. My late husband’s brother invited two of my three sons to join them for Christmas in San Diego without my knowledge. Not that they would spend it with me, but knowing I was not invited and my third son was not invited, hurt. I am happy that they will get together but so sad that they did not bother to even let me know, so hurt my feelings.

What is Christmas? Is it about love? Is it about family? Anymore, I don’t know what it is about. My husband’s family decided they hated me this last year for reasons I will never really understand, so we don’t have them coming for Christmas. I feel the love is gone for the holidays. I feel I have lost my family for the holidays. I am so sad for the holidays and they no longer exist for me.

I have the fun minions in the driveway, the decorated tree in the house and presents under the tree for part of the family, but the joy of Christmas is gone for me.

As you grow older, are you the forgotten part of Christmas? Do your children no longer care about you at Christmas? Where is the Christ in Christmas? It is gone. I feel more alone tonight, on Christmas Eve than I have felt in years.  I have one son coming tomorrow for Christmas dinner, but the other two can’t bother. I turned off my cell phone because I don’t want to be disappointed that no one will call.

I hope you are happier than I am on Christmas.  For me, it is one of the saddest days of the years.

Stolen Christmas


Merry Christmas and I hope to all my followers and friends that yours is a million times better than mine!  My son and grand daughter left on the 22nd, and no word from them today.  My middle son is in California and no word from him today.  My husband, youngest son and I all have miserable colds, so there is a non-harmony of coughs through out the house.  I suppose it is good we did not plan to get together with anyone, as we are not good company.

So maybe my redo of the Twice the Night Before Christmas should be for the day of…..

T’was the morning  of Christmas and all through the house,

Every person was coughing; wife, child and spouse. 

The stockings, once hung by the chimney weren’t there

As we celebrated Christmas early for our dear little Claire.

The adults were all snuggled in front of TV’s

With one for Michael & Maxx, but none left for me.

No celebrating or cooking this year

As mom did not feel really of good cheer.

When out in the yard the only clatter

Was the dog barking at neighbors, so it didn’t really matter.

Chinese takeout is dinner, never done it before

No taste buds with cold buds, no need to eat more.

Would go to a movie, but coughing is loud

So stay home and write the Sad Day of Christmas away from the crowd.

Here is to better Christmases in the future!