Nude with Glasses

Nude with Glasses

Decided to try using new water soluble pencils with pens in our drawing get together last night. The pens are SO unforgiving and after my last weekend my art confidence was at an new low. This is the only drawing that was even presentable

Next week I am back back to charcoal and will try new things in the privacy of my own studio.

Wonder if any of you have ever gone through a period where one or two people say something slightly degrading about your art and you believe them enough to let it set you back a year or two or day in your forward progress.

Teaching should (at any age) be a positive experience for the student and make them feel better about themselves. Share your opinion. What do you think?

When I taught interior design at The Art Institute of Seattle, we did a lot of sketching in our classes and I always thought it was important to say more good than bad about anyone’s work. I watched so many of my students grow in ability and confidence.